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Bee Nation

Bee Nation (1hr 20m)

@ Museum of Nature Theatre (240 McLeod)

SUNDAY Aug. 13, 6:00pm

•$5/program or $10/all films for the night

•Tickets available at the Door

•Donations Welcome

•Snacks & Cash Bar

How to make a Top

Youth Collective • 3:09 • 2017 • Brazil • Portuguese

Fifteen children from the Indigenous village of Balaio, in the Rio Negro region of the Amazon, collaborated on the script, storyboard, and filming of "How to make a top”.

Bee Nation

Lana Šlezić • 1hr 18m • 2016 • Canada • English

The film follows the inspirational stories of six students in the first-ever First Nations Provincial Spelling Bee in Canada. Through the eyes of students, parents and educators, we learn of the challenges and opportunities awaiting the First Nations students in Saskatchewan as they strive to make it to the National Championships in Toronto; the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

Co-Presented with the One World Film Festival

National Impact Partner