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Body Language:

Decolonial Love


Curated by Charlotte Hoelke

Art Exhibition opening: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Exhibition Dates: Aug. 12 - Sept. 9


Kirsten Lindquist (Metis)

RJ Jones (Saulteaux/Cree)

Dionne Paul (Nuxalk/Sechelt)

Lindsay Katsitsakatste Delaronde (Mohawk)

Dayna Danger (Metis/Saulteaux/Polish)

Pati Solomona Tyrell (Samoan)

Lindsay Nixon, Gwen Benaway, and other Indigenous artists, scholars, activists, and community members have recently (re)affirmed the radical queer world-building possibilities of decolonial love. Definitions of decolonial love vary, and I, like many others, are still working out what it means at a personal level. At a broader level, Karyn Recollet explains that decolonial love is a “relationship building strategy” which “critiques the conditions of coloniality in the very act of love making (inclusive and beyond acts of sex)... It produces a self-reflexive space, challenging the conception of love as a space of permanence, or as a strategy of containment”. (2015, 130)

The artists represented in Body Language embody powerful, diverse acts of decolonial love in their works, in that they explore and express: forms of intimacy; loving relations with body, self, land, and kin; sexuality; gender; and the erotic. Further, individually and placed together, these works create spaces for decolonial loving languages and dialogue. I hope you will visit, and join the conversation. <3 

•Artists in Attendance

•Burlesque Performance by Virago Nation

•Inkdigenous Tattoo’s onsite

•Free Event / Snacks / Cash Bar / Music

Burlesque Performance by Virago Nation

We are a collective of aboriginal artists creating performance, workshops, and community networks rematriating indigenous sexuality.  Founded in May 2016, Virago Nation is on a mission to reclaim indigenous sexuality from the toxic effects of colonization. We believe that all people, especially indigenous women, deserve a healthy, fun relationship with their bodies and we work to promote that expression. This is our reconciliation.

Members of Virago Nation, including  Ruthe Ordare, Shane Sable, Scarlet Delirium, will be onsite to perform at the opening of Body Language.  They will also be offering 2 workshops during their time in Ottawa. More info here!

Gallery 101 is proud of our partnership with the Asinabka Film & Media Arts Festival.  G101 presents an exhibition component of the ASINABKA festival annually and disseminates many more embodied, relational, collaborative, performative and object based art practices that offer resistance to mainstream cultural events.

Inkdigenous Tattoo

Inkdigenous is a newly-opened tattoo parlour on Jarvis Street in Toronto, where Indigenous cultures and traditions are at the core of their business.  They aim to decolonize the practice of tattooing and acknowledge that Indigenous cultures are where modern day tattoos come from. 

Inkdigenous tattoo artists Nyle Johnston and Toby Sicks will be onsite offering custom designed tattoos.  Toby is a certified tattoo artist and safety and proper health standards will be followed.