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Le Hong Sang Kang

Film Spotlight: Yunnan (China)

@ Museum of Nature Theatre (240 McLeod St.)

FRIDAY AUGUST 11, 6:00pm

Q&A with Prof. Zhao Chunsheng

•$5/program or $10/all films for the night

•Tickets available at the Door

•Donations Welcome

•Snacks & Cash Bar

Le Hong Sang Kang: The June New Year of Bulang People

Zhang Hai • 2017 • 55m.• China • Chinese & Bulang w/ Eng. Subs.

The Zhang Lang village is a typical Bulang village in South Yunnan. The Bulang people believe in Theravada Buddhism. Following the calendar of Buddhism, they celebrate their new year in June, which is called “Le Hong Sang Kang”. Their celebrations include a series of ritual ceremonies and activities held in a Buddhist temple. This film documents the Bulang peoples New Year, and looks at the ways their traditions have changed over time.