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Mana Wairoa:

Maori & Pasifika Shorts

Mana Wairoa: Maori & Pasifika Shorts (1h 15m)

@ Museum of Nature Theatre (240 McLeod St.)


*Leo Koziol & Hiona Henare in Attendance

A diverse program curated by Wairoa Maori Film Festival co-directors Leo Koziol (Ngati Kahungunu, Ngati Rakaipaaka) and Hiona Henare (Muaūpoko, Ngapuhi), the “Mana Wairoa” collection for 2017 includes commissioned film works made collaboratively under the tutelage of the Wairoa festival team.

•$5/program or $10/all films for the night

•Tickets available at the Door

•Donations Welcome

•Snacks & Cash Bar


Jharaiz Khiriona • 2017 • 3:00 • NZ

The latest music video from Toni Huata (Maori), tells the story of her home village of Mohaka.

Spirit women

Hiona Henare (Maori) & the Spirit Women Team • 2017 • 11:00 • NZ & International

Spirit women brings together a tapestry of unique self film portraits made by indigenous women from Aotearoa, Fiji, North America, Phillippines, Hawaii, Papua New Guinea and Australia.


Dir. Qianna Titore (Maori), Prod. Eloise Veber, Exec. Prod. Michael Bennett (Maori) • 2017 • 9:00 • NZ

A coming of age drama set in the Far North’s Hokianga harbour. On the day that 12-year-old Natalie is given a precious waiata composed by her deceased Koro, she is unexpectedly thrown into a journey that will leave her changed forever.


Jared Flitcroft (Maori, Deaf) & Jack O’Donnell • 2017 • 9:00 • NZ

Tama is the result of a unique collaboration between deaf and hearing filmmakers. Tama is about a young Maori deaf boy who wants to learn the Haka. On a near fatal car trip, Tama has to confront his family. In his struggle he begins to grow from an undervalued youth into a proud young man.

Ūkaipō whenua

Kararaina Rangihau (Maori) • Producer Hineani Melbourne (Maori) • 2016 • 16:00 • NZ

“He wahine he whenua e ngaro ai te tangata” For women & land men are lost. Nanny Oriwa an elderly woman sends for her beloved grandson to come home from the city to sort the inheritance of her land. She is dying and fears that her land will be divided, and with it her family.

Native in nuhaka

Hiona Henare (Maori) • 2017 • 16:00 • NZ

Native in Nuhaka is set against the backdrop of the annual Wairoa Maori film festival in idyllic Nuhaka, where local and international filmmakers gather annually to celebrate indigenous films and storytelling.

Noa & Noel

Chris Wong (Anishinaabe), Candy Ranae Fox, Howard Adler • 10:00 • 2017 • New Zealand • English, Cree & Maori w/ Eng. Subs.

A Beautiful conversation and exchange between a Cree Elder, Noel Starblanket, and a Maori language speaker, Noa Campbell.