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Piha: Dramatic Shorts

Piha: Dramatic Shorts

@ Museum of Nature Theatre (240 McLeod St.)


•$5/program or $10/all films for the night

•Tickets available at the Door

•Donations Welcome

•Snacks & Cash Bar

Gas Can

Mattias Graham • 15:00 • 2017 • Canada • English

Gas Can is a short film about prejudice on the prairies, telling the story of a young Cree family who run out of gas while moving to the city.

The Promise of Piha

Hanelle Harris • 16:00 • 2015 • Aotearoa (New Zealand) • English

Pule is brought up in a strong Christian family and is heading to Bible College in Samoa. A cherished son in his family’s and church’s eyes, he hides his homosexuality and his clandestine affair with his best friend. As the community prepares for the annual White Sunday ceremony, Pule must navigate the difficult demands of his family, the church and his heart.

Jahki ii leat jagi viellja (This year is not last year's brother)

Mai-Lis Eira (Sápmi) • 11:44 • 2016 • Norway •

Máhtte is a young reindeer herder, who has to face the political issues he and his father have to struggle with in their occupation.  He’s tempted with quitting his responsibilities as a reindeer herder, and he realizes that family is what matters most to him.


Gregory King (Maori) • 17: 00 • 2014 • New Zealand

8 year-old Brains lives with a human family on planet Earth in a reality of neglect and abuse, and needs to get back to his real family up in space. He transcends his grim situation through his imagination and is gifted a life lived in a larger universe than those around him; alive in a world that holds limitless possibilities. After fearing for his life Brains contacts his Alien Family up in space, telling them he will light a beacon so they will know where to find him. That night as the Humans sleep Brains’ sets the house on fire. Rushing outside he waits for his Alien Family to pick him up, but no one comes.