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Strange Territory:

Late Night Shorts

Strange Territory: Late Night Shorts

@ Museum of Nature Theatre (240 McLeod)


•$5/program or $10/all films for the night

•Tickets available at the Door

•Donations Welcome

•Snacks & Cash Bar

Strange Territory

Jessie Short (Metis) & Ashley Bedet • 3:42 • 2017 • Canada

Strange Territory follows Shim, a transparent eyeball, in this meditation on the intricacies of pleasure and desire. Erotic fulfilment could very well be equal parts exploration as it is knowing your own self and desires, ridiculous as that playful examination can be.


Nathan Adler (Anishinaabe/Jewish) • 2:34 • 2017 •

Waking up after thousands of years of being encased in ice, he is hungry, and he is still an Apex predator, at the top of the food chain. The soundtrack is composed of samples of audio from the largest mass calving event in recorded history (when arctic ice melts and collapses into the ocean). There's a new monster in town.

Little Man

Kayley Mackay • 7:58 • 2017 • Canada • English

Zombies are afoot in a northern community, and little Jake must make some difficult decisions to survive.


Keith Whiteduck (Anishinaabe) • 5:47 • 2016 • Canada • English

Local band Commanduck made it big with their first album, but their contract stipulates that they won’t get paid until they release a second one.

Not Indian Enough

Prod. Lisa Genaille • 10:00 • 2014 • Canada • English

A Native woman confronts her cousin, who has been spreading rumors that she isn't Native.

Hickey Gone Wrong (7)

Jay Cardinal Villeneuve • 7:29 • 2015 • Canada • English

Poor young Grant has his first hickey and it is the size of Texas. Hoping to hide it from his parents, he quickly learns that will be impossible since the whole town of Fort Smith, NWT, already knows and won’t let him live it down.

No Reseervations

Trevor Carroll (Ojibway) • 11:04 • 2017 • Canada • English

Protests erupt as an Indigenous Corporation attempts to build a pipeline under an unsuspecting neighborhood as both sides declare their voices.

Ponskiwon (Apocalypse)

Mathis Ottawa (Atikamekw) • 3:11 • 2016 •

Zombies may be descending on the rez, but priorities vary for everyone.

Consequences of a Thief

Rachel Hageman, Mackenzie Jones, Hannah MacKay, Niccola Marsden & Heather Martin • 6:03 • 2016 • Canada • English

An irreverent new employee of the Haida Heritage Centre learns a lesson in cultural respect.

Bad Medicine

Dir. by Indigenous Youth in the May 2017 Indigenous Film Workshop organized by imagineNATIVE Festival, ArtsNB, and the NB Film Coop: Melissa Lunney, Talon Simon, Zack Bonneville, Cristina MacGillivray, William Bartibogue, Priscilla Sappier, Jacob Doherty, Jesse Bear.

Mentor: Howard Adler • 5:00 • 2017 • Canada • English

Community members seek advice from a medicine man who provides interesting and unexpected recommendations.