Meet me at the Powwow -
Animation & Youth Shorts


Meet me at the Powwow

Program Length: 50 Min.

In this family friendly program, whether sitting around a campfire or in a Kokum’s living room, both recent histories and stories that have been kept alive through oral traditions for thousands of years are brought to life, and how the world came to be, is understood through the cadence of narration, reenactment, animation, and documentary techniques.

Skate Break 

Peatr Thomas | Canada | 2019 | 4 min

A young man takes a break from work, skateboarding along to see his favourite Winnipeg murals.

Puktew Muin (Fire Bear)

Daniel Fortin | Canada | 2019 | 8 min

Uncle shares the Mi'kmaq story of Skus and Muin, at a camp fire with his niece and nephew. As they listen, their imaginations take over and turn the story into their own interpretation of what is happening, with them playing the lead characters.


Marc Fussing Rosbach | Greenland | 2020 | 5 min | 


Naja (Little sister) is a fantasy short film that tells a young girls death and her journey through shock and grief. After a traumatic experience Naja ran away from home as she runs away from the reality that she couldn’t accept. As she ran her ancestors follow her, through the northern lights. She meets two small spirits that wanted to help her move on to the other world (silap aappaa). She couldn’t move on until she accepts her death.

Our Big House

Kaitlynn Wilson | Canada | 2019 | 3 min | English

A charming multi-media film celebrating the new Big House in Bella Bella BC.

Screening Online for 24 hours, starting at 12:00pm Sun. Sept. 20

Granny's Story

Sue Ann Sheena | Canada | 2019 | 5 min | English

An animated film exploring the childhood of the filmmaker’s grandmother.

Wolastoq Amsqahs Peciyat (The Origin of the Wolastoq River)

Mélanie Brière | Canada | 2019 | 3 min | English

This legend tells the story of the birth of the Wolastoq River and illustrates why it's shape resembles that of a tree. 

Fox Creates the Days

Alyce Johnson |  | Canada | 2019 | 6 min | English and Southern Tutchone

An interpretation of a Kluane creation tale combining authentic oral storytelling and virtual reality animation techniques.

Mãtãnãg, The Enchanted One 

Shawara Maxakali and Charles Bicalho | Brazil | 2019 | Maxakali with English subtitles

Mãtãnãg, an indigenous woman, follows the spirit of her husband, killed by a snake, to the village of the dead. Together they overcome the obstacles that separate the earthly world from the spirit world. Once in the land of the spirits, things are different: other ways govern the supernatural. But Mãtãnãg is not dead and her soul must return to the living ones. Back in the village, reunited with their relatives, new vicissitudes during a ritual will provide the opportunity for the living and the dead to reconnect once again. Spoken in the Maxakali language and subtitled, Mātãnāg is based on a traditional history of the Maxakali people. The illustrations for the film were made in a workshop at Aldeia Verde, in the municipality of Ladainha, in Minas Gerais state, southeast Brazil.