Portraits - Short Docs


Portraits - Short Docs

Program Length: 75 Min.

A portrait is a painting, drawing, or photograph of a person, and similarly this program provides snapshots of different peoples lives, such as talented young Inuit circus performers, an Indigenous adoptee searching for their past, a quirky Elder sharing his memories, men trying to overcome addiction and trauma, or a young trans women being loved and embraced by their family.

Manasie Akpaliapik

Shelby Lisk | Canada | 2019 | 1 min | English

Renowned Inuk artist, Manasie Akpaliapik, comes from a family of carvers in Arctic Bay, Nunavut. When he was 9-years-old, he sold his first carving to the Hudson’s Bay Company for a box of carnation milk and a toy gun. Manasie’s artwork now lives in collections like the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Ontario Art Gallery and National Art Gallery. This short film explores how Manasie shares his culture and relationship to land through his carvings.

Tupiq A.C.T du Nord

Aibillie Idlout and Michael Napatuq | Canada | 2019 | 4 min | English

Two circus performers from Tupiq A.C.T. team up to showcase Inuit culture from the Hudson Coast.

Dear Georgina 

Adam Mazo | U.S. | 2019 | 15 min | English 


A Passamaquoddy elder journeys into an unclear past to better understand herself and her cultural heritage.

Pitoc E Icinakosian (Being different)

Gerry-Ottawa and Jos-Onimskiw Ottawa-Dubé | Canada | 2020 | 6 min | French with English subtitles

Gerry and their big brother Jos show us that there is more to being different than bullying, discrimination and harassment.

Oursons (Bear Cubs)

Nicolas Renaud | Canada | 2019 | 9 min | French with English subtitles

Rolland P. Sioui is an elder in the filmmaker's family. Craftsman and hunter, he shares a flow of extraordinary memories, such as sleeping with bears, traveling for a rare red stone, hunting moose the old way, surviving a raging fire... A man's life echoes the history of the Wendat people: childhood on the land, loss of territory, cultural erosion and revival.

The Trip (Le trip)

Mikizi Migona Papatie | Canada | 2020 | 4 min | French with English subtitles

Mikizi Migona Papatie talks about his reality living in the Anishinaabe community of Kitcisakik and shows us the human side of drug addiction told through the painful and hopeful words of the 27-year-old man.

Tell Me

Bernie Adams | Canada | 2020 | 8 min | English

An honest account of how a traumatic childhood shaped a life and then how personal growth allowed for change. 

Sokinaa' Passkaan Aassisstoi (Healing Bells)

Taylor Crowspreadshiswings | Canada | 2020 | 4 min | English

This film is inspired by true events. Through an emotional approach, we discover resiliency through dance.

New York, just another city

André Lopes and Joana Brandão | Brazil | 2019 | 18 min | English, Portuguese

A young leader and audiovisual director, Patrícia Ferreira has been recognized for the documentaries she has been making with her people, the Guarani Mbya. She was called to debate her work at one of the world's largest ethnographic film festivals, the Margaret Mead Film Festival, held at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. In that place, Patricia comes across some exhibitions, debates and attitudes that make her think about the "juruá" people’s world, contrasting it with the Guarani’s modes of existence.

Screening Online for 24 hours, starting at 7:00pm Sun. Sept. 20