Program Length: 60 Min.

This program of short docs highlights narratives that revisit, retrace, search, uncover, salvage, renew, revive, re-enact, and restore past traditions, knowledges, and site-specific histories.

Ribadit: Pulling in the Belt 

Elle Sofe Sara | Norway | 2019 | 10 min | Sami, Norwegian, Eng. Subtitles

Through the eyes of two elders, an ancient courting tradition known as ribadit (pulling in the belt) is reorchestrated with Sámi youth to look at the overlap of dance and romance in Sápmi’s past.

He Hekenga Tūhura

Allan George | New Zealand | 2019 | 8 min | Maori with English subtitles

In Sir Hekenukumai Pūhipi’s (1932 - 2019) last interview, he looks back on his legacy of celestial navigation and waka building, and considers who will carry the mantle into the future.
Revered Polynesian navigator and Māori leader, Sir Hekenukumai Pūhipi (Sir Hector Busby), passed away in 2019. During his final days ‘Sir Hek’ reflects on dedicating his life to the restoration of Māori seafaring traditions, sailing the ‘pacific triangle’ - linking Aotearoa (New Zealand), Hawaii and Rapa Nui/Easter Island – and attempting to preserve and revive a knowledge that is in danger of being forgotten. He revisits the origins of those who inspired him, including the late Māori kaumatua Sir James Henare, the Hawaiian navigators from the Polynesian Voyaging Society and the late Micronesian master navigator Mau Piailug. A conversation of an extraordinary life in full te reo Māori.


Inuk Jørgensen | Greenland | 2019 | 12 min | Danish with English subtitles

The personal story of the greatest tragedy in Greenlandic maritime history, told by the grandson of one of the 95 passengers who lost their lives on the cold stormy night of January 30th, 1959, when M/S Hans Hedtoft - on its maiden voyage - allegedly hit an iceberg.

By These Presents: "Purchasing” Toronto

Ange Loft and Martha Stiegman | Canada | 2019 | 29 min | English

BY THESE PRESENTS: "PURCHASING" TORONTO is an absurdist examination of the Toronto ‘Purchase’, a controversial treaty between the British and Mississauga's covering much of modern-day Toronto. Shot at historic Fort York, and along the contentious boundaries of the ‘Purchase’, BY THESE PRESENTS features an all-Indigenous cast whose visceral performance collapses past and present, revealing the city’s colonial foundations.

The film centers on the treaty negotiations of 1805, where British officials covertly extended the boundaries of the Toronto Purchase lands beyond those allegedly sold in a poorly documented meeting in 1787. A group of Mississauga negotiators - with back up from their Mohawk ally, Joseph Brant, and a 6-foot Beaver puppet - confront the Queen’s representative, and demand he justify the Crown’s unscrupulous dealings. With a script drawing from the original treaty council minutes, Mississauga petitions to the Crown, correspondence between colonial officials, and interviews with Indigenous knowledge keepers, BY THESE PRESENTS reveals the calculus the British employed to diminish the Mississauga's, divide them from their Haudenosaunee allies, and acquire their lands at rock-bottom prices. While BY THESE PRESENTS unearths a little-known history, the film leaves more questions than answers for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples who want to honour treaties. How do we “honour” a dishonourable agreement? Where do we go from here?

Screening Online for 24 hours, starting at 7:00pm Wednesday Sept. 16