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Revolution Moosehide

Program Length: 55 Min.

In this program, strong Indigenous women take center stage and go on adventures across arctic tundras, they practice ceremony and keep sacred traditions alive, and they go on journeys of cultural awareness and revitalization by learning the practice of moosehide tanning.

After Birth

The Ephemerals | Canada | 2018 | 5 min | English

After Birth, an inter-generational journey to return to a ceremonial custom of burying the ‘after birth.’  Dr Elder Mary Courchene narrates in Anishnaabegmowin the meaning of this gesture, to create a way of the good life for the next generation and to give back to the earth what was created in order to give life. Together three women and their kids walk the land and affirm their intergenerational knowledge and active presence in ancestral memories and matrilineal leadership.


Caroline Côté and Florence Pelletier | Canada | 2017 | 14 min | English

In August 2017, a team of 3 women aged 25 to 30 embarked on a quest to discover their own boundaries in an immense, wild and remote territory. They covered 100 km in a few days through the Kuururjuaq National Park, along Mont d'Iberville and crossing the famous Koroc River.

THE GOALS: inspire the spirit of adventure through different medias and a documentary film; raise funds to help protect the natural environment of Kuururjuak Park; share our passion for the great outdoors; and, tell the story of a unique encounter between women of different cultures.

THE MISSION: to deepen our understanding of the culture and spirit of the Inuit people by immersing ourselves in their ancestral lands; to share the story of the journey through the Inuit community via immersive footage and interviews; and, to be the first women to achieve an unrivalled running distance in the wilderness environment of the Kuururjuaq National Park.

Revolution Moosehide

Lesley Johnson | Canada | 2019 | 48 min | English


In Dene culture, the newly created earth was made beautiful by a moosehide. Revolution Moosehide follows Melaw Nakehk'o's journey of cultural revitalization and self-acceptance by learning the practice of moosehide tanning, inspiring a resurgence movement across Denendeh (Northwest Territories) and beyond.

Joined by several young women, moosehide tanning leads to deeper realizations about community and identity, while intersecting with a new wave of ideas and politics coming from Indigenous movements across Canada. Melaw’s story is an answer to what is happening in the post-Idle No More era, with the formation of grassroots organizations focused on leadership skills rooted in cultural identity, forging a bright and strong vision for the future of communities in the North.

Lesley Johnson

Director (Revolution Moosehide)

Johnson is a director and producer working in documentary and fiction. She began her career in the Northwest Territories' Film and Television industry, studied film in York University’s MFA Film Production program, and was a participant of RIDM’s Talent Lab. She recently completed “I Hold the Dehcho in My Heart / Sedze Tah Dehcho E’toh” with CBC Short Docs, and will be releasing her latest film “Revolution Moosehide” in 2019. Her previous short doc “Princess Jack”, won the National Screen Institute’s Blue Ant Best Documentary Award, was the winner of a Jury Award at the Audience Choice LGBTQ Festival, and was nominated for a Golden Sheaf award at the Yorkton Film Festival. Her debut short fiction “Charlie”, premiered at BFI Flare in London followed by Inside Out in Toronto. As a producer, she worked on the APTN docu-series “Dene A Journey”, the mid-length doc and interactive “Shadow of a Giant” distributed through the Vtape and the NFB, and the short fiction-hybrid “The Argument (with annotations)”, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival where it was selected for TIFF’s Top Ten. She is a recent recipient of Telefilm’s Emerging Talent Fund to produce the feature documentary “Songs She Sings in Shadows”.

Melaw Nakehk'o

Producer (Revolution Moosehide)

Nakehk'o’s acting debut in The Revenant is the natural progression of her distinguished career as an artist and community leader. Born in Canada's north, raised in the community of Liidlii Kue, Melaw comes from a long line of tribal leaders of the Dehcho Dene & Denesuline people.  Melaw attended the prestigious Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, where she earned a degree in 2 dimensional arts. Melaw is also recognized for her exemplary work in revitalizing traditional Indigenous artistic practices, with contemporary applications of ancient techniques. Her work in reviving and teaching moosehide tanning techniques has initiated a resurgence of the practice and shaped a broader community building movement within Canada. She is a Founding Member of Dene Nahjo, and is a regular instructor at the Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning, a land-based university program. Melaw has three sons and lives in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Amos Scott

Producer (Revolution Moosehide)

Scott is a Director, Producer, Writer, and Camera Operator. He was born in Yellowknife, Amos grew up around cameras, learning from his dad who worked as a cameraman at that time. After going to Journalism School, Amos found further experience in media as a VJ at APTN National News and radio broadcaster at both CBC North and CKLB in Yellowknife. Amos is a founding member of Dene Nahjo, a collective of young northerners working towards celebrating and teaching northern cultures and fostering emerging leaders in the north. He is also president of the NWT Professional Media Association and a Director with the Aboriginal Association of Media Producers. In 2003, Amos was selected as an up and coming photographer in Photolife Magazine.

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